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Agape school

Agape school provides free education, uniform and a meal for the poorest of children who live in a suburb north-west of Hyderabad. Worthwhile schooling is simply not available or affordable to them there. 

The school is a happy, caring, Christian environment. It is open to children of all religions. Entry is based on two simple criteria: a commitment to attend regularly, and that their parents cannot afford to pay for schooling elsewhere (most whole families live on less than £5 per day).


The school was opened in 2002 and has been extended three times to provide education for around 300 children aged 3-16 (year 10 school certificate stage – GCSE equivalent).


The school follows the local government curriculum with the children learning Hindi, Telugu, English, Maths, Science and Social Studies. This means they are able to study towards government examinations.


As part of their broader education the children enjoy other activities like cultural dance and performance.


We have a dedicated team of teaching staff and teaching assistants. One of the teachers is also a health worker who oversees the general health of the children and visits their homes when appropriate. There are also a number of assistants who cook, clean and generally look after the premises and take a real part in the life of the children at school.

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