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Agape Alive in India is committed to supporting and resourcing local churches.  This doesn't primarily mean buildings but local gatherings of people who follow Jesus. These churches are groups of believers who may meet in small homes, under trees or at the edge of a field in rural communities.  

We support churches and pastors, offering teaching and encouragement to leaders across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and enabling meaningful relational networks of support and accountability. Sometimes we're able to help construct simple buildings that provide a focal point in an area where people can gather easily to pray, worship and learn; sheltered from the strong sun or monsoon rains. These buildings are not only used on Sundays but often throughout the week as places where effective projects happen providing education, social care, training and employment for the marginalised and poor.  

We've seen how a combination of practical care living out the Good News coupled with opportunities to hear about the love of Jesus make real differences to women, men and children.
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