Reaching out to help the homeless and the loveless
in their plight.

James 1:27

In 2002, two of us visited India, discussed with our friends there the need for schooling for the rag-pickers in a poor slum area, and agreed to do something about it on the flight home. Later that year the school opened with 117 children getting basic education for the first time.

In India our local partners do all the hard work, which has expanded to include taking in orphans, housing discarded and abused women, loving the unloved, the lost and the lonely. We provide support financially, in prayer, practically and have made a commitment to that support enduring.



COVID-19 Response

Back in 2019 we were enjoying the blessings of a lot of hard work and generosity to get Agape School to full secondary school status and registration. Little did we know that from early 2020 the school would be emptied for much of the next two years by a global pandemic, the silent playground being paralleled by major problems in the labour/jobs market for the people in the region where we work.

We responded to this need immediately.  Initially we provided emergency funding of £10,000 to feed local families for the early months of the lockdown.

More recently, whilst still supporting some people in extreme poverty with food, we have focused on trying to fill the education gap of the children.  It has simply not been possible to provide online schooling to the majority of our pupils as they have no home access to technology. Simply getting children back to school has been a battle, but one we are slowly winning with around 200 of the 300+ back in now.  Fears of Covid run deep and we particularly continue to encourage parents of younger children to resume education.  This will be a very long haul to make up for two missing years.  We are ready to stand alongside the poor for as long as it takes.  Thank you to our supporters for making that long haul possible.